Instagram Marketing: The Best Way to Do it

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Instagram Marketing The Best Way to Do it

Are you wondering how to use Instagram for your marketing campaigns?

Then you are on the right place, In my post today, I am going to take you to the insights of Instagram marketing and how to indulge your potential customers towards your business with the help of Instagram.

Before moving any further, let me put your glance at some amazing statistics that will tell you how popular Instagram is in reality.

More than 55 million images are posted on Instagram daily

More than 86 million comments are posted daily

More than 690 million people like photos in their feeds daily

Isn’t that astounding?

Being the leader in photo sharing social networks, Instagram has emerged as a great tool for marketing your business. However, business owners are still a long way away when it comes to understanding how to use this popular tool for their business advertising and marketing.

So let us begin –

1. The groundwork –

The groundwork is going to include effective utilization of the resources i.e.

  • Adding a profile picture that represents your business, like a business logo
  • Writing a Bio that precisely describes your business
  • Connected the picture with your website

Take a look at how the biggest players in the market do it in the picture posted below:

Instagram Marketing Example

With these three fundamental steps you can eventually create a picture of your business within the target audience, indulging them in getting interested in what you do and ultimately leading them towards buying your stuff.

2. Content, Content and Content –

Content is the King, we all know that. But are you using that content in an effective manner? Well to get the most out of the content used on Instagram, here are some tips –

  • Create brand centric content
  • Don’t forget to present your story
  • Give them a behind the scene picture of your business
  • Make the content sound human

The brands that have been able to understand the myths of Instagram marketing have used these above mentioned points to the maximum extent. So, do not wait. Start implementing these tips to see how fortune turns around for your business as well.

3. Run-a-contest –

contest is a great way to engage customers with your brand. It gives the customers an opportunity to connect with the brand and at the same time win some great perks as well. What contests actually do –

  • Customer engagement
  • Brand visibility
  • Brand loyalty

Drinkwel has taken the Instagram marketing to the next level, with their beautifully compiled Instagram contest posts. Take a look and see for yourself:

Instagram Marketing Contest Example

These are the three fundamentals of successful marketing and Instagram gives just the right platform for your business to get the maximum out of these basics.

4. The Call to Action Formula – 

This is being mentioned in last, but it’s definitely not the least. Call to action is the key to success in marketing. Contrary to using the call to action in text posted along with the picture, a highly successful trick that has emerged in Instagram marketing is to put the text within the visual. Another great way is to give the customers to select from a couple of options, and ask them to like.

That’s about it!

With these simple solutions, you can eventually create a Win-Win marketing strategy for your business utilizing Instagram!

So, what’s the wait? Be a part of the Instagram success stories today!!!

If you find the article interesting, then simply share it with your friends and let them also know how they can effectively use Instagram for their business success.

  • Most ppl don’t know the best way to upload professional looking photos to IG, I would edit this post letting everyone know that their “photo stream” contains most photos from their website. Using a tablet instead of a cellphone will let them access these photos and upload directly into IG.

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