Tuning Facebook For Restaurants: Top 10 Tips

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Facebook For Restaurants

Well there’s one book in the world that everyone is very familiar with. Yeah, you got it- it’s Facebook. Here are some ways Restaurant folks can put it to their favorable use:

1. Get connected offline-

To make your page really cool and exciting for your visitors, it’s necessary that you you’re connected to the real physical community where your restaurant is located.

Now how’s that?

Provide information on your page, not only about your restaurant, but also about the area and the whole team that’s working behind the screens. Keep yourself updated with what’s going on in and around the locality of your restaurant and be sure that you’re the first to post about it! This way, people get to know that you’re not one of those self-conscious folks who give less attention to their surroundings.

2. The more, the merrier-

In our fast advancing world (especially the online world!), things get outdated in a jiffy. So it’s very important to keep your content fresh. The more you post, the better it is. But what’s more important is to keep your posts planned and scheduled. A dozen ideas might strike you at one holy hour, but if you post everything that comes to your mind consecutively, then you’ll have no idea left for the other time where your mind draws to a big blank.

So schedule your posts carefully and jot down your ideas the instant they hit you. Trouble planning? Worry not people! You got apps like HootSuitePost Planner and lots more to the rescue!

3. You are who you are-

The public always gives prime priority to originality- create your own style. It is of course, necessary, to be flexible with the on goings by garnishing your articles with news from in and around. The more you blend with the society, the easier it is for it to blend with you. But always remember to not let the garnish distract the taste of your main dish!

For example, if your restaurant’s customers are a bunch of music lovers who find your restaurant the best place to write a song alongside a little snack, keep your posts updated with latest musical releases and make your music hungry pals food-hungry too.

4. Egg-on Facebook check-ins-

Encourage Facebook check-ins and make sure that your restaurant comes under the “Places” category, so your visitors don’t go disappointed on having searched the “Places” for your restaurant.

5. Delicious Display

Even the strictest of people, who keep a careful calorie count, can’t help drooling at the most delicious display of food stuff. So display your lip-smacking dishes the best way possible. But keep in mind that it’s essential that your visitors have easy access to your menu wherever they’re finding you.

Facebook For Restaurants


Post about new items and link it to a new Facebook tab and behold! Even you can’t help smacking your lips at the sight of it!

6. The hype it is-

Special offers and deals are the most basic attractions of visitors. Offer special coupons or discounts for your subscribers as a first step. Announce lucky draws of Gift Certificates for all those who enter your restaurants. These kinds of contests build curiosity and excitement among the visitors and help in marketing your restaurant both in the short term and long run.

Facebook For Restaurants

7. Let the pictures speak-

Sometimes too many words bore the public and will you let that happen? No, not at all!

Facebook For Restaurants

Pictures have huge advantage as they reach a much wider audience and don’t require verbal knowledge to be understood. They also convey different messages to different varieties of people. Only make sure that you choose wise, when you insert them.

8.Make your website share-friendly-

Don’t let social networks reduce your concentration on your website. Social networks are indeed important tools, but their aim is always to promote your website. Make your website allow easy sharing of posts and ensure that you add “Like us on Facebook”, “Follow us on Twitter” or “+1 us on Google+” and so on.

9. Ask for feedback-

Nobody’s perfect and certainly you’re not “nobody”, are you? It’s always good to ask for feedback and know where you excel and where you lack. Feedback also helps to keep your page alive and interesting. Provide a good forum where your visitors can feel free to suggest ideas with an open mind.

10. Keep your eyes (and ears) open-

It’s highly essential that you don’t just stop with asking for feedback. Listening (well more or less reading) and responding to public opinion is key strategy. This draws the visitors close to you and creates an unseen, but mutually felt bond between you and the visitors.

Easy isn’t it? Then what’re you waiting for? Go get your page garnished with these new flavourings and spices!

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