Facebook Ads 101: Change Campaign Objective Without Losing Social Proof

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When you begin marketing an eCommerce business, the very first ad campaign you end up running is a PPE (paid post engagement). Following what the influencers recommend, most marketers tend to use PPE ads to generate social proof on a business’s profile. These could be likes, comments, shares or reactions – basically letting your target market know how consumers are actively engaging with your brand, and why they should too.

The reason behind this choice of Facebook ads is obvious – people tend to flock towards what others like them are engaging with. They even trust a brand more when it is used by a mass audience.

But is social proof everything?

For a eCommerce business, it is the conversions and sales that the store generates, that matters. That is why the Facebook ads campaign objective needs to move from PPE to a conversion objective – ideally one that takes the consumer towards making an actual purchase.

But how do you start getting sales from a post you’re generating all the engagement from, without losing all the social proof you have gathered?

After all, you do want your consumers to think they are buying a product that is loved by many!

Running thousands of ads for various eCommerce businesses, I am often asked to switch goals during a campaign. That’s when I started looking for an effective solution and am sharing it with you today.

Converting your Facebook ads objective without losing social proof

Step 1: Choose the post with maximum engagement

Go to your ads manager to identify the post that is generating maximum amount of engagement for your business. Take a look at the comments and shares to identify which one has a positive impact in the market and would aid to driving a consumer towards sales.

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Step 2: Obtain the post ID for the selected campaign

Once you have chosen the post or the Facebook ad you want to convert the objective of, hover on it to ‘edit’ the campaign. Opposite to the Ad ID, click on ‘links’.

Screen 2

Screen 3

Select ‘manage Facebook comments’.

Screen 4

Doing so will help you identify if the ad was a boosted post – which means whether people can find it by traditional means on your business’s Facebook page, or not. (Dark or unpublished posts – Learn how to create one)

Step 3: Save the post ID

When you’re done identifying this post, go to the URL for this post. The number at the end or somewhere in between the post URL is the post ID you’re looking for. Instead of just saving the number, copy this URL and keep it aside safely for the next steps.

Screen 5

Step 4: Create new Facebook ads campaign

Now, it’s time to rock and roll!

Go back to your ads manager to create a new campaign.

Screen 6

Choose the objective that suits your campaign needs the best.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.37.49 PM

Enter a campaign name and press continue to complete the set up.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.38.30 PM

Fill out the ad set page in the usual manner – your daily budget, audience, placements and more. Make sure you’re paying close attention to every little thing you select here – you want your targeting to be as close to your ideal consumers as possible. Press continue once done!

ads setup

Step 5: Time for the hack – Use the post ID

On the next page, instead of filling up the usual ‘create new ad’, select ‘use existing post’.

Screen 7

Now click on ‘Select a page post’ and choose to ‘enter post id’.

Screen 8

This is where you need to paste the post ID you obtained from the URL you saved before.

Screen 9

And voila, you’re done!

Now just like your other Facebook ads campaign, all you need to do, is wait for about 15 minutes for your campaign to get approved.

Once through, it’s time to sit back and not relax.

Continue to track the conversions and optimize this campaign based on the engagement you generate on it. Also, keep a close watch on how your target consumers are interacting with this ad campaign.

Want to know more Facebook ads hacks? Contact me for a brainstorming session here!


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