How To Boost Twitter Engagement

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Boost Twitter Engagement

Are you struggling to get a good engagement on twitter?  If yes then you are on the right place to overcome this.

Twitter Quote

Well, getting a good engagement on twitter is an easy task. To build a good engagement you require constant monitoring of what you are posting and how your tweets are performing. It also depends on your profile. Does your profile contain a bio and profile picture? If no, then it must because people with egg head image are mostly ignored.

Follow these tips to get more engagement on twitter –

1. Use Images in Tweets 

Pizza Example to boost twitter engagment

Posting images in tweets gets more engagement than tweets without image. Earlier this year twitter made a change that timelines on Twitter will be more visual and more engaging. Preview of images and vine videos in tweets will be front and centered. Buffer analysed through a short case study that last 100 tweets that included links sent from their profile on twitter.

Guess what? Results are quite surprising! tweets with image get 18% more clicks.

Twitter example by buffer


So, if you want to boost more engagement on twitter it is a tremendous idea to post tweets with images in them.

2. Use Minimum one and maximum two hash tags

Did you know Tweets that contain one or more hash tags were 55% more likely to be reTweeted than Tweets that did not. Source (

Using hash tag on your main keywords is a great way to widen your tweet’s potential reach to those people who search with that particular hash tag. Always use hash tag sensibly to those keywords which are related to your content.

Remember to use minimum one and maximum two hash tags in your tweets.Don’t spam your tweet with more hash tag and less text, because studies show that using more than two hash tags impact negatively on your tweet’s engagement.

3. Ask questions 

Starbucks Twitter Example


Did You Know People are 21% more likely to respond to a question.

Always try to ask related question to encourage reader to enhance user interaction.  Use this tactic carefully. Don’t ask questions in every tweet, rather asking one or two times a day is the best option. If majority of your readers have questions, consider a weekly or once in a month Question/Answers session using a particular hash tag.

4. Ask for Retweets

Ask for retweets while posting a tweet.  I know you are thinking that this seems so desperate but this is a good strategy. Even twitter themselves also recommend to use it.  But it is all up to you. However, don’t over use this strategy. You have to put words like “RT, Please RT, Pls RT, Please retweets” at the starting or end of your tweet.

5. Keep length of tweets short  

While posting a tweet make sure your tweet should be of less than 100 characters (if it does not contains link) because short length tweets get more clicks on twitter.

What in the case if you are posting links along with your tweets?

Dan Zarrella’s research shows that if you are posting tweet along with a link keep it up to 120-130 characters long.

length of tweets short

Use these strategies and see what difference it brings.

Over to you

Tell me about what strategies you are using on twitter for your brand and how it is helping you out? And, if I miss out any of other useful tip to get more engagement please share in the comment box below.



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