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I’m Nitish S Dhiman, a computer engineer by education and social media expert by passion, who was born and brought up in Kurukshetra, India. On completing my graduation, I had no vision until I came to Chandigarh, back then in August 2010. That was when I started my career as a Junior Digital Marketing executive in an IT firm here and never looked back.

Right from day one I read about everything I could relate to Digital marketing and Facebook Ads. Currently I am managing $500,000/month in Facebook Ads. For me, every day is a new day to learn. I love to research new and innovative stuff related to Digital Marketing and Facebook Ads and don’t hesitate to share with others. I worked on a lot of projects and started blogging in July 2013. Now I’m helping and letting Businesses & Individuals know how social media and Facebook Advertising can change their presence worldwide. I’m always ready to answer questions about Social Media Marketing.