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Want to know a little about me? Glad you asked!

I’m Nitish, a computer geek (engineer) by education and, a Facebook ads expert by passion and experience. Born and brought up in Kurukshetra, India, I’m a true solopreneur who has been working with reputed companies from across the world.

Managing $500,000/month in Facebook Ads for various clients, I have helped businesses in the B2B and the B2C industry in scaling exponentially with the power of streamlined targeting and personalization of campaigns on Facebook ads.

While I like to learn on the go, from the changing market trends to deliver a greater ROI on all marketing and advertising campaigns, I have been listed as a Facebook Ads Expert by several reputed companies. You can take a look at one of them here.   

Beginning my career back in 2010, I started as a social media marketer and advanced towards Facebook Ads by 2013. I have spent hours networking with industry experts and doing an in-depth research on how businesses and individuals can benefit from this specific channel that has millions of monthly active users today. In today’s date, I work from my homeground like the typical digital nomad – free to explore, learn and research endlessly on Facebook Ads to further improve the results I am able to deliver!

What kind of results am I talking about?

  • 80X increase in Facebook lead generation (B2B and B2C)
  • 25% increase in sales from Facebook (eCommerce)
  • 10X increase in brand awareness (all industries and individuals)
  • Maximised ROI, reduced marketing spend!

If you’ve ever tried running a Facebook ads campaign, you’ll know how difficult it is to get the best of results from a streamlined budget. While I might not be the best out there, there is not a single campaign run by me, that hasn’t delivered results.

Let’s just say, I found the hack to making Facebook Ads work for growing a business in this competitive digital world.

And I’m willing to share it all!

While I do write and share hacks on Facebook ads on my blog frequently, you can connect with me on LinkedIn or tweet out to me on Twitter to have a great brainstorming session on how Facebook Advertising can help grow your brand.