Facebook Ads 101: Change Campaign Objective Without Losing Social Proof

When you begin marketing an eCommerce business, the very first ad campaign you end up running is a PPE (paid post engagement). Following what the influencers recommend, most marketers tend to use PPE ads to generate social proof on a business’s profile. These could be likes, comments, shares or reactions – basically letting your target

Tuning Facebook For Restaurants: Top 10 Tips

Well there’s one book in the world that everyone is very familiar with. Yeah, you got it- it’s Facebook. Here are some ways Restaurant folks can put it to their favorable use: 1. Get connected offline- To make your page really cool and exciting for your visitors, it’s necessary that you you’re connected to the real physical community where

Play With These 6 Free Tools To Make Awesome Pinterest Images

  Pictures speak more than words. This is the reason why these days visual communication has become the most popular tool for sharing your heart out. So, to make it easy for you to create awesome images that you can share with the world around, here is a sneak peak at some of the hottest tools present

Dark or Unpublished Post: How to Create One

Have you heard about dark or unpublished post on Facebook? If yes do you know how to create those? Today I will let you know how to create a dark post on Facebook with specific call to action buttons. Facebook has recently launched a new feature called call-to-action buttons. You can create an organic post

How To Boost Twitter Engagement

Are you struggling to get a good engagement on twitter?  If yes then you are on the right place to overcome this. Well, getting a good engagement on twitter is an easy task. To build a good engagement you require constant monitoring of what you are posting and how your tweets are performing. It also depends on your

How to Track Conversions from Facebook Ads

Do you track conversions i.e. how many sales you have derived from Facebook? If you want to know how to track conversions you get from Facebook, then you are on right place. I will let you know in this little guide about how to do the same in the best possible way. But, first things first,

23 Awesome Blogging Tips From Hubspot’s 30-Day Blog Challenge

Do you blog for your company or for your own? Are you facing difficulties to find topics to write about or your content is not getting ranked on Google? Get over these problems and follow 23 awesome tips (I personally like) about blogging from Hubspot’s 30-Day Blog Challenge. Last month Hubspot’s team are challenging everyone to blog

Instagram Marketing: The Best Way to Do it

Are you wondering how to use Instagram for your marketing campaigns? Then you are on the right place, In my post today, I am going to take you to the insights of Instagram marketing and how to indulge your potential customers towards your business with the help of Instagram. Before moving any further, let me put